Past Sermons


1/3/16 Sunday  | Schultz  |  Matthew 16:1-4 Eisenach Series

1/17/16 Sunday  |  Schultz  |  Isaiah 61:1-6 Eisenach Series

2/10/16 Ash Wednesday  |  Schultz  |  The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector

2/17/16 Lenten Vesper  |  Schultz  |  John 11:24-53

2/28/16 Sunday  | Schultz  |  Eisenach Series Luke 9:51-56

3/6/2016 Sunday  |  Schultz  |  Isaiah 52:7-10 Eisenach Series

3/13/16 Sunday  |  Gartner  |  "Look To Christ and Live!"

3/16/16 Lenten Vesper  |  Schultz  |  John 19:12-16a

3/25/16 Good Friday  |  Schultz  |  Good Friday

3/27/16 Sunday  |  Gartner  |  "Why Do You Look For the Living Among the Dead?"

4/3/16 Easter | Schultz  |  Genesis 32:22-31 Eisenach Series

4/10/16 Sunday  |  Schultz  |  Eisenach Series Psalm 23

4/17/16 Sunday  |  Gartner  |  "Wait Patiently For the LORD!"

4/24/16 Sunday  |  Gartner  |  "Follow Jesus As A Lifelong Learner"

5/1/16 Confirmation  |  Schultz  |  Eisenach Series Isaiah 55:6-11

5/5/16 Ascension  | Gartner  |  "We Are Jesus’ Witnesses"

5/8/16 Sunday  |  Schultz  |  Psalm 42 Eisenach Series

5/15/16 Pentecost  | Gartner  |  "The Holy Spirit -- The Best Farewell Gift Ever!"

5/22/16 Sunday  |  Schultz  |  Matthew 28:16-20 Eisenach Series

5/29/16 Sunday  |  Gartner  |  "God Commands Us To Teach His Word"

6/5/16 Sunday  | Schultz  |  Eisenach Series Romans 10:11-15

6/12/16 Sunday  |  Gartner  |  "How Much Does Our Heavenly Father Love Us?"

6/19/16 Sunday  |  Schultz  |  Isaiah 65:17-19 and 24-25 Eisenach Series

6/26/16 Sunday  |  Gartner  |  "Suffering Exists Because of Sin!"

7/3/16 Sunday  |  Gartner  |  "What Is The Life Of A Christian?"

7/17/16 Sunday  |  Schultz  |  Eisenach Series Jeremiah 23:23-29

7/24/16 Sunday  |  Schultz  |  Proverbs 16:1-9 Eisenach Series

8/14/16 Sunday  | Schultz  |  Pentecost 13. Eisenach Series






12/25/14 Sunday  |  Gartner  |   "Jesus Is Our Immanauel"

12/21/14 Sunday  |  Gartner  |   "Why Did You Come to The Manger?"

12/14/14 Sunday  |  Gartner  |   "We Have True Joy!"

12/7/14 Sunday  |  Gartner  |   "Partnership In the Gospel"

11/30/14 Sunday  |  Gartner  |  "Advent Shows How God Kept His Promise!"

11/20/14 Sunday  |  Gartner  |  "We Are Jesus’ Sheep!"

11/2/14 Sunday  |  Gartner  |   "Stand Firm In The Word of God!"

10/26/14 Sunday Schultz "Learn From God’s Grape Harvest!"

10/19/14 Sunday  |  Gartner  |  "Take Responsibility For Ourselves!"

10/12/14 Sunday Schultz "Learn Law and Gospel Picking Grapes"

10/5/14 Sunday Gartner "Work As Partners!"

9/28/14 Sunday Gartner "Live in Love!"

9/21/14 Sunday Gartner "Watchmen Of The LORD, Wake Up!"

9/7/14 Sunday Schultz "Jesus Loves Everyone!"

9/14/14 Sunday Schultz "Meet the LORD!"

8/31/14 Sunday Gartner "Does Your Heart Break At the Thought of People In Hell (or going to Hell)?"

8/24/14 Sunday Schultz "Jesus’ Forgiving Love Never Fails!"

8/17/14 Sunday Gartner "God Works Everything For Our Good!"

8/10/14 Sunday Schultz "Understand the Parable of Weeds and Wheat!"

8/03/14 Sunday Gartner "Confession Is Good For The Soul!"

7/27/14 Sunday Schultz "God Delivers Me Through Jesus!"

7/20/14 Sunday Gartner "Whom Should I Listen To?"

7/13/14 Sunday Gartner "O Lord, Thank You For Deceiving Us!"

7/6/14 Sunday Schultz "Rejoice In Jesus’ Peace!"

6/29/14 Sunday Gartner "God Tears Apart So He Can Heal"

6/22/14 Sunday Schultz "We Are On The Road To The Promised Land!"

6/15/14 Sunday Schultz "In The Beginning Was God!"

6/8/14 Sunday Gartner "God Promised Pentecost"

6/1/14 Sunday Schultz "Attitude Is Everything!"

5/29/14 Ascension Gartner "Where Are Your Eyes Of Faith Looking?"

5/25/14 Sunday Gartner "Be Always Prepared!"

5/18/14 Sunday Schultz "Don’t Let Your Heart Be Troubled!"

5/11/14 Sunday Gartner "Let Us Keep Our Eyes On Jesus!"

5/4/14 Confirmation Schultz "Savor The Moment!"

4/27/14 Sunday Gartner "How Can You Be Sure?"

4/18/14 Good Friday Schultz |  "Seven Last Words"

4/20/14 Easter Sunday Gartner "The Garden of Glory!"

4/13/14 Palm Sunday Gartner "Who Is This?"

4/9/14 Lent Schultz "One Day We Will Be In The Garden Of Paradise!"

4/2/14 Lent Gartner "The Garden of Peace"

3/30/14 Sunday Schultz "Repent Sincerely!"

3/26/14 Lent  |  Gartner  |  "The Garden of Passion "

3/23/14 Sunday Schultz "Wake up, O Sleeper!"

3/19/14 Lent Gartner "A Garden of Repentance!"

3/16/14 Sunday Schultz "My Help Comes From The LORD!"

3/9/14 Sunday Schultz "Our Souls Wait For The LORD!"

3/5/14 Ash Wednesday Gartner "Garden of Promise"

3/2/14 Sunday Schultz "All Creation Praise the LORD!"

2/23/14 Sunday Gartner "God Wants A Church Built On Christ"

2/16/14 Sunday Schultz Jesus Blesses Our Family"

2/9/14 Sunday Gartner "Humbly Proclaim Jesus!"

2/2/14 Sunday Schultz "Walk Humbly Beside Jesus!"

1/26/14 Sunday Gartner "A Great Light Shines In The Darkness"

1/19/14 Sunday Schultz "We Are Set Apart In Christ Jesus!"

1/12/14 Sunday Gartner "Jesus Came For All People"

1/5/14 Sunday Schultz "Jesus Is God’s Word Made Flesh"

1/1/14 New Year's Day  |  Gartner  |  "The Lord Blesses Us!"





12/29/13 Sunday Schultz |  "We Belong To Jesus!"

12/25/13 Christmas Day Gartner |  "What Child Is This?"

12/24/13 Christmas Eve Schultz |  "The Savior Is Born For You!"

12/18/13 Advent Schultz |  "The LORD Governs Everything For Our Good!"

12/15/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Is There Any Room For Jesus?"

12/11/13 Advent Schultz |  "The Savior Was To Be Savior Of All Nations!"

12/4/13 Advent Gartner |  "The Savior Was To Be A Savior Of Sinners"

11/28/13 Thanksgiving Gartner |  "Thankful for Blessings"

11/24/13 Sunday Schultz |  "Today We Worship Christ Our King!"

11/17/13 Advent Gartner |  "Brothers and Sisters -- Stand Firm!"

11/10/13 Sunday Schultz |  "The LORD Is Our Refuge!"

10/27/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Life Is A Struggle!"

10/20/13 Sunday Schultz |  "Wrestle With God in Prayer!"

10/13/13 Sunday Gartner |  "We Are Full . . ."

10/6/13 Sunday Schultz |  "We Are Unworthy Servants!"

9/29/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Love Speaks With a Focused Heart!"

9/15/13 Sunday Schultz |  "Jesus Loves Lost Sheep!"

9/8/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Christian Education Lasts A Lifetime!"

9/1/13 Sunday Schultz |  "Jesus’ Love Never Fails"

8/25/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Climb The Right Mountain"

8/18/13 Sunday Schultz |  "Jesus Disciplines His Children!"

8/11/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Remain Ready For Jesus’ Return!"

8/4/13 Sunday Schultz |  "Learn A Lesson in Humility From Obadiah"

7/28/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Prayer – A Powerful Tool from God"

7/21/13 Sunday Schultz |  "Glory, Majesty, Power and Authority to Jesus!"

7/14/13 Sunday Schultz |  "We Will Persevere!"

7/7/13 Sunday Schultz |  "Contend For The Faith!"

6/30/13 Sunday Gartner |  "You Were Called To Be Free!"

6/23/13 Sunday Schultz |  "Jesus Is My Good Shepherd!"

6/16/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Listen To God’s Call To Repentance"

6/9/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Now We Know The Truth About Death"

6/2/13 Sunday Schultz |  "Praise the LORD!"

5/26/13 Sunday Gartner |  "We Have Peace!"

5/19/13 Sunday Schultz |  "How Are You Building Your Life?"

5/12/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Come and Help Us!"

5/9/13 Ascension Schultz |  "Sing Praises To Our Ascended King!"

5/5/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled!"

4/21/13 Sunday Gartner |  "It’s All About Jesus!"

4/14/13 Sunday Schultz |  "Jesus takes Very Good Care of Us!"

4/7/13 Sunday Gartner |  "Easter Leads Us To Stand Up For Jesus!"

3/31/13 Easter Sunday |  "Schultz Name of Wondrous Love—THE LIGHT"

3/29/13 Good Friday "Gartner Names of Wondrous Love—THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA"

3/24/13 Palm Sunday Schultz  |  "Understand The Attitude of Christ Jesus"

3/20/13 Lent Schultz "Names of Wondrous Love—THE WAY!"

3/17/13 Sunday Gartner "Press On To The Goal!"

3/10/13 Sunday Schultz "Our Father Always Forgives Us"

3/6/13 Lent Gartner "Names of Wondrous Love -- King"

3/3/13 Sunday Schultz "By God’s Grace We Are What We Are!"

2/24/13 Sunday Gartner "Safety Under His Wings!"

2/20/13 Lent Schultz "Name of Wondrous Love—Immanuel (God with us!)"

2/17/13 Sunday Gartner "Jesus Gives Us The Victory!"

2/13/13 Ash Wednesday "Schultz Name of Wondrous Love—Jesus!"

2/10/13 Sunday Gartner "We Have Seen His Glory!"

2/3/13 Sunday Schultz "Jesus’ Love Is Essential!"

1/27/13 Sunday Gartner "Jesus Preaches A Message Of Salvation"

1/20/13 Sunday Schultz "Jesus Blesses Weddings!"

1/13/13 Sunday Gartner "The Lord Anoints His Servants"

1/6/13 Sunday Schultz "Wise People Still Seek Jesus"

1/1/13 New Year's Day  |  Gartner  |  "See God’s Faithful Hand!"



12/30/12 Sunday Schultz "Praise the Great I AM"

12/25/12 Christmas Day Gartner "Who is Jesus?"

12/24/12 Christmas Eve Schultz "Baby Jesus was born for you!"

12/23/12 Sunday Gartner "Jesus Came To Do His Father’s Will"

12/19/12 Advent Schultz "The King is Coming!"

12/16/12 Sunday Gartner "Ponder and Treasure!"

12/9/12 Sunday Schultz "Suddenly The Lord Is Coming!"

12/5/12 Advent Gartner "The Savior Is Coming – As Promised"

11/29/12 Advent Schultz "Our Redemption is Drawing Near!"

11/25/12 Sunday Schultz "Jesus Is Christ Our King!"

11/22/12 Thanksgiving Gartner "Praise The Lord, And Forget Not His Benefits!"

11/18/12 Sunday Schultz "We Are Saints Triumphant!"

11/11/12 Sunday Gartner "God Has Blessed Us!"

11/4/12 Sunday Schultz "Jesus Brings In The Sheaves!"

10/28/12 Sunday Gartner "God’s Seed Is Powerful!"

10/21/12 Sunday Schultz "Sow the Gospel Seed!"

10/14/12 Sunday Gartner "Bring All Children to Jesus!"

10/7/12 Sunday Schultz "Be A Salt Disciple"

9/30/12 Sunday Gartner "Jeremiah And His Faithful Life!"

9/23/12 Sunday Schultz "Trust In The Name Of The LORD!"

9/16/12 Sunday Gartner "Does Anything Amaze You Anymore?"

9/9/12 Sunday Schultz "Put On The Full Armor Of God"

9/2/12 Sunday Gartner "We Will Serve The LORD!"

8/26/12 Sunday Schultz "Jesus Is Living Bread!"

8/19/12 Sunday Gartner "We Smell!"

8/12/12 Sunday Schultz "Don’t Complain!"

8/5/12 Sunday Gartner "What Is The Purpose Of Church?"

7/29/12 Sunday Schultz "Jesus Gives Us Rest"

7/22/12 Sunday Gartner "Keep Shining the Light!"

7/8/12 Sunday Schultz "For Christians Death Is Only A Sleep!"

7/1/12 Sunday Gartner "Does God Really Know What He Is Doing?"

6/24/12 Sunday Schultz "Understand the Chariots and Horsemen of Israel"

6/17/12 Sunday Schultz "What Should We Do When We’re In Danger?"

6/10/12 Sunday Schultz "The LORD Rescues Us From Death In The Pot!"

6/3/12 Sunday Gartner "Salvation – Brought to You by Your Triune God"

5/27/12 Sunday Schultz "See The Power of the Spirit!"

5/20/12 Sunday Gartner "The Truth Brings Consequences"

5/17/12 Ascension Schultz "Pastors Pray For Their Sheep!"

5/13/12 Sunday Gartner "God Loves Us!"

5/6/12 Confirmation Sunday Schultz  | "Jesus Is The True Vine"

4/29/12 Sunday Schultz "Your Heavenly Father Loves You!"

4/22/12 Sunday Gartner "Be Bold As You Witness Your Risen Savior!"

4/15/12 Sunday Schultz "We Have Seen The Lord!"

4/8/12 Easter Gartner "Peace And Life Are Yours!"

4/6/12 Good Friday Schultz  |  "Words of Jesus"

4/1/12 Palm Sunday Schultz  |  "Jesus Is My King!"

3/28/12 Lent Gartner "Our King Is Crucified!"

3/25/12 Sunday Schultz "Jesus Promises To Die For Us"

3/21/12 Lent Schultz "Jesus, Our High Priest Prays!"

3/18/12 Sunday Schultz "The LORD’s Love Never Changes!"

3/14/12 Lent Gartner "Shed No Tears For Jesus!"

3/7/12 Lent Schultz "Jesus Is The Son of the Blessed One!"

2/29/12 Lent Schultz "Jesus’ Cross Is No Secret!"

2/26/12 Sunday Gartner "What Is Our Comfort Zone?"

2/22/12 Ash Wednesday Gartner  |  "See His Cross! Put Your Sword Away!"

2/19/12 Sunday Schultz "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot!"

2/12/12 Sunday Schultz "Run the Race Jesus Won!"

2/5/12 Sunday Gartner "We are Compelled to Preach the Gospel"

1/29/12 Sunday Schultz "Welcome To Worship!"

1/22/12 Sunday Gartner "God Loves Missions!"

1/15/12 Sunday Schultz “'Hugs and Kisses' Are God’s Gifts!"

1/8/12 Sunday Gartner "What Must We Do To Be Saved?"

1/1/12 New Year's Day "Schultz  |  What Will Happen Tomorrow?"



12/31/11 New Year's Eve  | Schultz  | "Praise the LORD for His Blessings!"

12/25/11 Christmas Day  | Gartner  | "Who is Jesus?"

12/24/11 Christmas Eve  | Schultz  | "Baby Jesus was born for you!"

12/18/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "Remember What Christ’s Coming Really Means"

12/14/11 Advent  | Schultz  | "Advent Is About Good News"

12/11/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "Advent Is All About Attitude!"

12/7/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "Advent Brings A Call For Repentance"

12/4/11 Sunday  | Seminary  | "Student Peter Zaferos The Messenger"

11/30/11 Advent  | Schultz  | "Jesus Is Our Comfort"

11/27/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "Don't Grow Weary! Instead, Be Ready For Christ's Coming!"

11/24/11 Thanksgiving  | Schultz  | "We Are Thankful!"

11/20/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "The Lord Is My Shepherd"

11/06/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "The Son of Man Comes In Glory!"

10/23/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "We Have Grace Rewards For Eternity!"

9/18/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "How Great Is Our God!"

10/9/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "We Are Rich!"

10/2/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "We Have Treasures for Eternity!"

9/25/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "In View Of God’s Mercy"

9/11/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "What Is Great Faith?"

9/4/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "Don’t Give Up!"

8/28/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "We Are Conquerors!"

8/14/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "Be Prepared For The Final Battle!"

8/7/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "God’s Word Works!"

7/31/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "God Puts Us Behind Him!"

7/17/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "Do Not Be Afraid!"

7/03/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "Come, Let Us Return to the LORD!"

6/26/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "Build On A Firm Foundation!"

6/19/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "By The Authority of the Trinity, Jesus Commands You"

6/12/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "The LORD Gives Us His Spirit!"

6/3/11 8th Grade Grad.  | Schultz  | "Jesus Keeps You Faithful!"

6/2/11 Ascension  | Gartner  | "Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled!"

5/29/11 Sunday   | Gartner  | "Worship The Known God!"

5/22/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "Who Is Jesus?"

5/15/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "The Lord Is My Shepherd"

5/8/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "God Bless Our Mom!"

5/1/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "It Is Good To Be A Sheep!"

4/24/11 Easter Sunday  | Schultz  | "Women Witnessed the Risen Christ!"

4/22/11 Good Friday  | Gartner  | "People of the Passion – The Centurion, The Astonished"

4/17/11 Palm Sunday  | Schultz  | "Have Jesus’ Attitude!"

4/13/11 Lent  | Gartner  | "People of the Passion – One of the Mob, the Follower"

3/30/11 Lent  | Schultz  | "Simon Peter—a man of powerful contradictions"

3/27/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "The Children Of Light Live Full Lives"

3/20/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "Jesus Gives Us Living Water"

3/16/11 Lent  | Gartner  | "People of the Passion – Caiaphas, the Schemer"

3/13/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "Learn About Jesus’ Kindness From David and Mephibosheth"

3/9/11 Ash Wednesday   | Gartner  | "People of the Passion – Judas, the Opportunist"

3/6/11 Sunday   | Schultz  | "Learn About God’s Glory!"

2/27/11 Sunday   | Gartner  | "What’s In Your Heart?"

2/20/11 Sunday   | Schultz  | "God Is My Salvation!"

2/13/11 Sunday   | Schultz  | "Thank the LORD for Family"

2/6/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "Look Back To the Cross"

1/30/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "We Find Strength In the LORD!"

1/23/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "A Bright Light Is Shining!"

1/16/11 Sunday  | Schultz  | "We Are Jesus’ Disciples"

1/9/11 Sunday  | Gartner  | "Jesus, Why Did You Go Down to Be Baptized?"

1/1/11 Sunday  | Schultz  |  "Happy New Year!"



12/26/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Long Live The King!"

12/25/10 Christmas Day Gartner |  "What Child Is This?"

12/24/10 Christmas Eve Schultz |  "Fear Not!"

12/19/10 Sunday Gartner |  "Jesus Is With Us!"

12/12/10 Sunday Gartner |  "We Are Waiting For The Lord"

12/8/10 Advent Schultz |  "Jesus Is Our Great High Priest"

12/5/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Jesus Is The Prince of Peace"

12/01/10 Advent Gartner |  "Christ’s Office Foretold As A Prophet"

11/28/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Jesus Is Coming Soon!"

11/24/10 Thanksgiving Gartner |  "The Secret of Thanksgiving"

11/21/10 Sunday Gartner |  "Jesus Is Supreme"

11/14/10 Sunday Schultz |  "We Are Saints Triumphant!"

11/7/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Repent! Repent!"

10/31/10 Sunday Gartner |  "What Is A Lutheran?"

10/24/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Wrestle In Prayer"

10/17/10 Sunday Gartner |  "What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?"

10/10/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Forgiven, We Live By Faith!"

10/3/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Rich Man, Poor Man"

9/26/10 Sunday Gartner |  "What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?"

9/19/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Jesus Came To Save The Worst Sinners!"

9/12/10 Sunday Gartner |  "Better Your Life By Getting Wiser"

9/5/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Jesus Never Changes!"

8/29/10 Sunday Gartner |  "Jesus Is The Door To Heaven"

8/15/10 Sunday Gartner |  "Faith Is Trust. Trust in God’s Promises"

8/8/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Be Rich Toward God!"

8/1/10 Sunday Schultz |  "May God Have Mercy!"

7/25/10 Sunday Gartner |  "Focus On The Most Important Thing!"

7/18/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Do Everything For The Gospel!"

7/11/10 Sunday Gartner |  "The Doctor Is Coming!"

6/27/10 Sunday Schultz |  "The LORD Is Our God!"

6/20/10 Sunday Schultz |  "We Are The One!"

6/13/10 Sunday Gartner |  "Remember, It’s God’s Gospel"

6/6/10 Sunday Gartner |  "God Is Protective Of His Saving Truth"

5/30/10 Trinity Sunday Schultz |  "Never Give Up! Never Surrender!"

5/23/10 Pentecost Sunday Schultz |  "How Are You Building Your Life?"

5/16/10 Sunday Gartner |  "Each One Of Us Has A Macedonian Call"

5/13/10 Ascension Schultz |  "My Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Coming Of The Lord!"

5/9/10 Sunday Gartner |  "Can I Keep The Light On?"

5/2/10 Confirmation Sunday Schultz |  "By Grace Alone--You Are People Of God!"

4/25/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Salvation Belongs to the Lamb!"

4/18/10 Sunday Gartner |  "We Are Rescued By God’s Grace!"

4/11/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Our Times Are In Jesus’ Nail Marked Hands!"

4/4/10 Easter Sunday Gartner |  "We Have A Living Hope!"

4/2/10 Good Friday Schultz |  "Jesus’ Seven Words From the Cross"

3/28/10 Palm Sunday Schultz |  "Praise the LORD!"

3/24/10 Lent Gartner |  "We Preach Christ Crucified!"

3/10/10 Lent Gartner |  "Jesus Gives Us The Endurance To Run The Race"

3/7/10 Sunday Gartner |  "Be Careful!"

3/3/10 Lent Schultz |  "The Gospel is More Precious Than Life Itself!"

2/28/10 Sunday Gartner |  "You Know You’re A Citizen Of Heaven When . . ."

2/24/10 Lent Schultz |  "We are Forgiven By Grace Alone Through Faith Alone!"

2/21/10 Sunday Gartner |  "God’s Word Rescues You"

2/17/10 Ash Wednesday Schultz |  "Jesus Is The Wisdom and Power of God"

2/14/10 Sunday Gartner |  "This Is My Son!"

2/7/10 Sunday Schultz |  "Jesus Comes Looking For Us!"

1/31/10 Sunday Gartner |  "You Are Where God Has Placed You"

1/17/10 Sunday Schultz |  "The LORD Delights In Us!"

1/10/10 Sunday Gartner |  "God Anointed The Right King"

1/3/10 Sunday  |  Schultz |  "God the Father Adopted You!"



12/31/09 New Year's Eve Gartner Have A Fruitful New Year!

12/27/09 Sunday Schultz Jesus Shares In Our Humanity.

12/25/09 Christmas Gartner The Meaning Of Christmas Comes Down To A Single Word

12/24/09 Christmas Eve Schultz He is Christ the Lord!

12/20/09 Sunday Gartner Are You Looking For True Joy?

12/16/09 Advent Schultz Jesus Is The Lion of Judah!

12/13/09 Sunday Gartner Rejoice With All Your Heart

12/6/09 Sunday Schultz Prepare the Way for Jesus!

12/2/09 Advent Gartner We Are a “chip off the old block” of Adam!

11/26/09 Thanksgiving Gartner Find True Joy and Thanks In The Unseen!

11/22/09 Sunday Schultz Christ Is The King!

11/15/09 Sunday Gartner What Does God Say about Money?

11/8/09 Sunday Schultz Time is Running Out!

10/25/09 Sunday Gartner Thank You Heavenly Father!

10/18/09 Sunday Gartner Jesus Touches Children With His Blessing

10/11/09 Sunday Schultz Christ’s Love Is Our Calling!

10/4/09 Sunday Schultz How Wise Are You?

9/27/09 Sunday Gartner Who Is Jesus?

9/20/09 Sunday Schultz Jesus Opens Us!

9/13/09 Sunday Schultz Be Strong In The Lord!

8/23/09 Sunday Gartner Walk In Love!

8/9/09 Sunday Gartner Covenant Of Grace Is Our Only Hope

8/2/09 Sunday Schultz Sheep Need A Shepherd!

7/26/09 Sunday Gartner Praise God For His Grace!

7/19/09 Sunday Schultz God’s Grace Is Sufficient For Me!

7/12/09 Sunday Schultz The LORD’s Compassion Never Fails

6/28/09 Sunday Gartner Kingdom Work Is A Matter Of Faith!

6/14/09 Sunday Gartner The LORD Has Given Us Rest

6/7/09 Sunday Schultz The Trinity Loves Us!

5/31/09 Sunday Gartner Do Not Be Afraid!

5/24/09 Sunday Schultz God Is Love

5/21/09 Ascension Day Schultz Praise Our Ascended Lord!

5/17/09 Sunday Gartner The Lord's Hand Is With His Church

5/10/09 Mother's Day Schultz God Knows Everything

5/3/09 Confirmation Sunday Gartner Build on Christ!

4/26/09 Sunday Schultz Jesus Is The Word Of Life!

4/19/09 Sunday Gartner Peace Be With You!

4/12/09 Easter Sunday Schultz Jesus Christ Is Risen Today!

4/10/09 Good Friday Gartner Father Forgive Us For The Sake Of Your Son!

4/9/09 Maundy Thursday Schultz Watch and Pray!

4/5/09 Palm Sunday Gartner What Kind of King Is This?

3/29/09 Sunday Gartner May We Treasure Our New and Better Covenant

3/29/09 Christian Women's Retreat Schultz Jesus Loves You!

3/25/09 Lent Schultz Forgive Us For Despising Our Savior’s Claim

3/22/09 Sunday Gartner God’s Remedy For Our Deadly Snakebite.

3/15/09 Sunday Schultz We Preach Christ Crucified

3/11/09 Lent Gartner Forgive Us When We Despise Your Great Salvation

3/8/09 Sunday Schultz Jesus’ Love Is Eternally Precious

3/4/09 Lent Gartner Forgive Our Desire To Defy Your Divine Authority

3/1/09 Sunday Schultz Who Shall Separate Us From the Love of Christ?

2/25/09 Ash Wednesday Gartner Forgive Our Fearful Lack of Trust!

2/22/09 Sunday Schultz Do you know how to die?

2/15/09 Sunday Gartner See What Kind Of God We Have!

2/8/09 Sunday Schultz The LORD Remembers Me!

2/1/09 Sunday Gartner Come To Church with Jesus!

1/25/09 Sunday Schultz Should the LORD Not Be Concerned?

1/18/09 Sunday Gartner Speak Lord, Your Servant Is Listening

1/11/09 Sunday Schultz What Must I Do To Be Saved!

1/4/09 Sunday Schultz Jesus Is Our Newborn King

1/1/09 New year's Day Gartner What Makes A Good Year?




12/28/08 Sunday Schultz Love One Another for Jesus’ sake!

12/25/08 Christmas Day Gartner Hold On Tight To Christmas!

12/24/08 Christmas Eve Schultz Thank the LORD for His Priceless Gift!

12/21/08 Sunday Gartner Christmas Is Here. So What?

12/14/08 Sunday Schultz Prepare Your Heart For The Lord

12/10/08 Advent Schultz How Shall I Greet Him?

12/7/08 Sunday Gartner An Advent Checklist

11/30/08 Sunday Schultz We Are Gifted!

11/23/08 Sunday Schultz The LORD Takes Care of His Sheep!

11/09/08 Sunday Schultz Jesus Will Judge Everyone!

11/2/08 Sunday Gartner We Can Be Sure We Are Going To Heaven

10/26/08 Sunday Schultz See The Difference Between the Righteous and the Wicked

10/19/08 Sunday Gartner How should a Christian live?

10/12/08 Sunday Schultz Give To Caesar and To God

10/5/08 Sunday Gartner Share Christ With Our Lives

9/21/08 Sunday Schultz Repent and Live!

9/14/08 Sunday Gartner Seek the Lord While He May Be Found

9/7/08 Sunday Schultz We Belong To The Lord!

8/31/08 Sunday Gartner Admonish One Who Has Sinned!

8/24/08 Christian Education Sunday Schultz Learn About Jesus’ Love

8/10/08 Sunday Gartner It’s All About Grace!

7/20/08 Sunday Schultz Everything Works For Good!

7/13/08 Sunday Gartner What Shall We Do About The Weeds?

7/6/08 Sunday Preston Heuer Jesus Provides for All Our Needs

6/29/08 Sunday Gartner Paul Gets Personal

6/22/08 Sunday Schultz What Does The Future Hold?

6/15/08 Sunday Gartner God Has Called Us To Preach

6/8/08 Sunday Schultz Jesus Died For The Ungodly!

6/1/08 Sunday Gartner Jesus Came To Heal The Sick

5/25/08 Sunday Schultz Don’t Be Misled!

5/18/08 Sunday Gartner Enjoy The Blessing Of The Triune God

5/11/08 Sunday Schultz God Bless Our Families!

5/4/08 Confirmation Sunday Gartner Remember Your Confirmation Day!

4/27/08 Sunday Schultz Are You Very Religious?

4/20/08 Sunday Gartner The Word of God Still Has Power

4/13/08 Sunday Schultz The Lord Is My Shepherd

4/3/08 Sunday Gartner The Resurrection Is A Unique Message

3/30/08 Sunday Schultz We Have The Living Hope of Heaven!

3/23/08 Easter Sunday Gartner The Life-Changing Power of The Empty Tomb

3/21/08 Good Friday Schultz The Seven Last Words Of Jesus

3/16/08 Palm Sunday Gartner The King Above All Kings

3/12/08 Lent Schultz Jesus—Before Pilate—to King Herod—and Back to Pilate

3/9/08 Sunday Gartner Do Not Despair

3/5/08 Lent Schultz From Trial before the Sanhedrin—to Trial before Pilate

3/2/08 Sunday Gartner Enjoy Your Freedom in Christ!

2/27/08 Lent Schultz From Gethsemane to the Sanhedrin

2/24/08 Sunday Gartner Living As Children Of Light

2/17/08 Sunday Schultz My Help Comes From the LORD!

2/13/08 Lent Gartner Crossroads - From Bethany to Jerusalem

2/10/08 Sunday Schultz One Person Changes Everything!

2/6/08 Ash Wednesday Gartner Crossroads – From Galilee to Judea

2/3/08 Sunday Schultz Praise the Great I AM!

1/27/08 Sunday Gartner Be United in Jesus’ Gospel

1/20/08 Sunday Schultz Amazing Grace—How Sweet!

1/13/08 Sunday Gartner Jesus Is the Promised Messiah

1/6/08 Epiphany Sunday Schultz Shine, Jesus, Shine!






12/31/07 New Year's Eve Gartner Be Still And Know That I am God

12/30/07 Sunday Schultz God’s Timing Is Everything!

12/25/07 Christmas Day Gartner Christmas Changes Everything!

12/24/07 Christmas Eve Schultz How do you thank the Christ child?

12/23/07 Sunday Gartner Immanuel Is Coming!

12/19/07 Advent Schultz Samuel—a Nazarite—a type of Christ

12/9/07 Sunday Gartner Our Advent King Comes!

12/5/07 Advent Schultz Samson—a Nazarite is a Type of Christ

12/2/07 Sunday Gartner It Is Time to Wake Up!

11/25/07 Sunday Schultz Jesus Is Christ My King!

11/22/07 Thanksgiving Gartner Praise The Lord, O My Soul!

11/18/07 Sunday Schultz We Preach Christ Crucified and Risen!

11/11/07 Sunday Gartner Put Your Mina Where Your Mouth Is

11/4/07 Reformation Sunday Schultz We Know the LORD—Our Savior

10/28/07 Debt Reduction Sunday Gartner It’s Not All About The Money

10/21/07 Outreach Sunday Schultz We Preach Christ Crucified and Risen!

10/7/07 Sunday Schultz Wake up!

9/30/07 Sunday Gartner The World’s Lesson To the Church

9/23/07 Sunday Schultz Jesus Came To Save Sinners!

9/16/07 Sunday Gartner Count The Cost Of Christianity

9/9/07 Sunday Gartner Christians, You Are Being Watched!

9/2/07 Sunday Schultz The Great I AM Gives Us Rest!

8/26/07 Christian Education Sunday Schultz Fix Your Eyes On Jesus!

8/19/07 Sunday Gartner Persevere In Your Faith

8/12/07 Sunday Schultz What is the Meaning of Life?

8/5/07 Sunday Gartner Prayer Knows No Limits!

8/3/07 Cpl. Matthew Zindars Funeral Schultz Semper Fidelius

7/29/07 Sunday Gartner Let’s Hang On To the Wisdom We Have!

7/22/07 Sunday Schultz Are You A Good Samaritan?

7/15/07 Sunday Schultz Even Pastors’ Feet Are Beautiful!

7/8/07 Sunday Gartner Remember That God Is In Control

7/1/07 Sunday Schultz The LORD Is Our Shepherd!

6/24/07 Sunday Gartner Jesus Is The Cure For Sin

6/17/07 Father's Day Schultz God Has Come to Help His People

6/10/07 Sunday Schultz The Holy Spirit Gives Us A New Attitude!

6/3/07 Sunday Gartner We Can Rejoice In God’s Eternal Hope

5/17/07 Ascension Schultz Serve Our Ascended Savior!

5/13/07 Sunday Gartner Our Risen Lord Gives Us A Heavenly Home

5/6/07 Confirmation Schultz Easter Changes Everything!

4/29/07 Sunday Gartner Who Is Jesus?

4/22/07 Sunday Gartner The Risen Lord Cares For His Children

4/15/07 Sunday Schultz Jesus Drives Out Doubt!

4/8/07 Easter Sunday Schultz Easter Means Jesus’ Eternal Victory!

4/6/07 Good Friday Gartner It Is Hidden In the Savior’s Promises

4/1/07 Sunday Schultz God Gives Us A New Attitude

3/28/07 Lent Gartner It Is Hidden In Powerful Words

3/25/07 Sunday Schultz Press On Toward the Goal of Heaven

3/21/07 Lent Gartner It Is Hidden in the Savior’s Stumbling

3/18/07 Sunday Schultz We Preach Christ Crucified!

3/14/07 Lent Gartner It Is Hidden in the Savior’s Rejection by the World

3/11/07 Sunday Schultz Let Us Take Off Our Sandals

3/4/07 Sunday Gartner Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Directions

2/28/07 Lent Schultz It is Hidden in the Savior’s Sighs

2/25/07 Sunday Gartner Fight The Good Fight!

2/21/07 Ash Wednesday Schultz Behold the Hidden Glory of the Cross!

2/18/07 Sunday Schultz It is Good For Us To Be Here!

2/11/07 Sunday Gartner Christ's Resurrection Is Important!

2/4/07 Sunday Schultz Jesus Makes Us Fishers Of People!

1/28/07 Sunday Schultz Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound!

1/21/07 Sunday Gartner Jesus Christ Is Our True Prophet

1/14/07 Sunday Gartner Jesus Is The Same Forever and Ever

1/7/07 Sunday Schultz We Are Justified By Grace!






12/31/06 New Year's Eve Gartner Jesus Is The Same Forever and Ever

12/31/06 New Year's Eve Schultz Jesus Is Our Brother

12/25/06 Christmas Day Gartner God’s "Good News" Is Fulfilled

12/25/06 Christmas Day Schultz Sermonette

12/24/06 Christmas Eve Gartner The Coming Savior Causes A Stir

12/24/06 Christmas Eve Schultz A Savior is Born

12/20/06 Advent Schultz Our Savior Is The Son of Man!

12/17/06 Sunday Gartner Jesus Is Our Immanauel

12/10/06 Sunday Gartner A Pastor's Joy

12/6/06 Advent Schultz Advent Vesper

12/3/06 Sunday Schultz Get Ready For Judgment Day!

11/5/06 Sunday Gartner Daniel Saw A Vision of Our King

11/23/06 Thanksgiving Schultz Hearts Are Where Your Treasure Is

11/19/06 Sunday Gartner Christians, Consider the End of Time

11/12/06 Sunday Schultz Learn From Heroes Of Faith

11/5/06 Sunday Gartner Be On Your Guard

10/29/06 Sunday Schultz The LORD Reforms Us!

10/15/06 Sunday Schultz Search for Elisha!

10/8/06 Sunday Gartner Every Member is a Missionary

10/1/06 Sunday Gartner We Are All United

9/24/06 Sunday Schultz Put First Things First

9/17/06 Sunday Gartner We Can Be Thankful!

9/10/06 Sunday Schultz We Are Children Of God

9/3/06 Sunday Gartner Christians, You Are Alive For A Reason

8/27/06 Sunday Schultz The LORD Is Our Refuge!

8/20/06 Sunday Gartner Come Eat God’s Wonder Bread

8/13/06 Sunday Schultz We Are The Body Of Christ!

8/6/06 Sunday Gartner Come With Me ... And Get Some Rest

7/30/06 Sunday Schultz Seek The LORD And Live!

7/23/06 Sunday Gartner God’s Word Powers His Ministry

7/16/06 Sunday Schultz The LORD’s Tender Love Never Fails!

7/9/06 Sunday Gartner God’s Ways Are Mighty

7/2/06 Sunday Gartner This Is Not Our Permanent Address

6/25/06 Sunday Schultz God Triumphs Over Evil

6/18/06 Father's Day Schultz What Matters Is The Gospel On The Inside

6/11/06 Sunday Gartner How Can You Be Sure?

6/4/06 Sunday Schultz Faith Is A Matter of Life and Death

5/25/06 Ascension Day Schultz Devotions

5/21/06 Sunday Gartner We Are United

5/14/06 Mother's Day Schultz God’s Love Gives!

5/7/06 Sunday Gartner God’s Secrets For Survival


4/30/06 Sunday Schultz Tell the Truth!


4/23/06 Sunday Schultz Easter Peace To You!


4/16/06 Easter Sunday Gartner "Jesus’ empty tomb shouts, "It is finished!"

4/14/06 Good Friday Schultz Words of Jesus

4/13/06 Maundy Thursday Gartner He Spoke a Word of Invitation

4/9/06 Palm Sunday Gartner See Jesus As A Different Kind of King!

4/5/06 Lenten Service Schultz Jesus Speaks A Word of Accomplishment

4/2/06 Sunday Gartner The Cross Is Our Only Answer

3/29/06 Lenten Service Schultz Jesus Spoke A Word Of Painful Need

3/22/06 Lenten Service Schultz Today we hear Jesus Speak A Word of Absolute Anguish

3/19/06 Sunday Gartner What do you think of Christ Crucified?

3/12/06 Sunday Schultz We Have Peace With God

3/5/06 Sunday Schultz Jesus Did It All For Us!

3/1/06 Ash Wednesday Schultz Father, Forgive Them!

2/26/06 Sunday Gartner The Glory Of The Gospel Ministry

2/19/06 Sunday Schultz We Are Saved By Grace Alone!

2/12/06 Sunday Gartner Keep Your Eyes On The Goal

2/5/06 Sunday Schultz Are You Looking For Jesus?

1/29/06 Sunday Gartner Exercise Your Freedom Carefully

1/22/06 Sunday Gartner The Lord Sends Us Into The World

1/15/06 Sunday Schultz Follow Jesus!

1/8/06 Sunday Schultz The Good News Is For Everyone Everywhere!

1/1/06 New Year's Day Gartner Let Christ’s Peace Rule In Your Hearts






12/31/05 New Year's Eve Schultz New Year’s Eve—Look Back!

12/25/05 Christmas Day Gartner What Do You Really Want For Christmas?

12/24/05 Christmas Eve Schultz Christmas Gospel

12/18/05 Sunday Gartner Appreciate God's Christmas Gift

12/11/05 Sunday Schultz Jesus Is Faithful!

11/30/05 Sunday Schultz The Promised Messiah Is At Hand!

11/27/05 Sunday Gartner God Gives Us A New Year Of Grace

11/24/05 Thanksgiving Schultz Praise the LORD, O my soul!

11/20/05 Sunday Gartner The Lord Is Our Shepherd

11/06/05 Sunday Gartner The Lord’s D-Day Is Coming

10/30/05 Reformation Schultz We Are Jesus’ Little Lambs

10/23/05 Sunday Gartner Thank God For Good Examples

10/16/05 Sunday Schultz The LORD Will Take Care of His Sheep

10/09/05 Sunday Schultz The Gospel Is For Everyone Everywhere!

10/02/05 Sunday Gartner Live As Citizens Of Heaven

09/25/05 Education Sunday Gartner Christian Education Starts In The Home

09/18/05 Sunday Schultz Who will tell others about the LORD?

09/11/05 Sunday Gartner What Does Repentance Mean In Our Lives?

09/04/05 Sunday Schultz Danger! Danger!

08/21/05 Sunday Schultz How Great Is Our God?

08/14/05 Sunday Gartner This Is Great Faith

08/07/05 Sunday Schultz Don’t Be Afraid

07/31/05 Sunday Gartner Forever In God’s Love

07/24/05 Sunday Schultz God Grant Us Discerning Hearts!

07/17/05 Sunday Gartner The World Is Full Of Weeds

07/10/05 Sunday Gartner God’s Word Is Effective

07/03/05 Sunday Schultz Jesus Overcomes My Sinful Frustrations!

06/26/05 Sunday Schultz Jesus Makes Us New

06/19/05 Sunday Schultz God Bless Our Fathers!

06/12/05 Sunday Gartner Jesus Died For Us

06/05/05 Sunday Schultz The LORD Shows Us Tough Love!

05/29/05 Sunday Gartner God’s Word Is Important

05/22/05 Sunday Schultz We Walk Together Because Jesus Is In Charge of Everything!

05/15/05 Education Sunday Gartner Praise God For The Gift of The Holy Spirit

05/08/05 Mother's Day Schultz Jesus Gives Us Eternal Glory!

05/05/05 Ascension Gartner Lessons We Learn From the Ascension

05/01/05 Confirmation Sunday Schultz Are We Very Religious?

04/24/05 Sunday Schultz Don’t Let Your Heart Be Troubled!

04/17/05 Sunday Gartner Jesus Is Our Gate And Our Shepherd

04/10/05 Sunday Schultz Don’t blunder through life!

04/3/05 Sunday Gartner The Resurrection Is A Unique Message

03/27/05 Easter Sunday Schultz The LORD Blessed the Sabbath Day and Made It Holy

03/25/05 Good Friday Gartner We See Jesus Giving Us Fellowship with God

03/24/05 Maundy Thursday Schultz We See Jesus Freeing Us

03/20/05 Palm Sunday Gartner Real Humility Serves Others

03/16/05 Lent Schultz We See Jesus—Our Go-between

03/13/05 Sunday Gartner Jesus is the Resurrection and Life

03/09/05 Lent Schultz We See Jesus Giving Us Eternal Life

02/27/05 Sunday Schultz Reach Out With The Gospel!

02/20/05 Sunday Schultz Wake Up O Sleeper!

02/13/05 Sunday Gartner Jesus Defeated The Devil In The Wilderness

02/09/05 Ash Wednesday Schultz We See Jesus Made Us Clean


02/06/05 Sunday Gartner Cherish The Bible

01/30/05 Sunday Schultz Jesus Gives Us Lasting Happiness!

01/23/05 Sunday Gartner Jesus Lights Up Your Life

01/16/05 Sunday Schultz Spend Time With Jesus!

01/09/05 Sunday Gartner Proclaim the Good News Of Genuine Peace

01/02/05 Sunday Schultz God Bless Us, Everyone!

01/01/05 Sunday Gartner Our Life – A Short Pilgrimage






12/26/04 Sunday Schultz Baby Jesus Changes Everything!

12/25/04 Christmas Day Gartner Let Us Praise and Glorify Jesus Like The Shepherds

12/24/04 Christmas Eve Schultz You Will Find a Child Wrapped...

12/15/04 Advent Schultz Jesus Will Come Suddenly!

12/12/04 Sunday Schultz Be Patient!

12/05/04 Advent Schultz Prepare Your Heart To Celebrate Christmas!

11/28/04 Sunday Gartner Watch For The Lord’s Coming

11/25/04 Thanksgiving Schultz Thank the LORD With All Your Heart

11/21/04 Sunday Gartner Jesus Is Our Perfect Rescuer

11/14/04 Sunday Schultz We Are Saints Triumphant!

11/07/04 Sunday Gartner You Are My Witnesses

10/31/04 Reformation Schultz We Are Saved By Grace Alone!

10/24/04 Sunday Gartner The Remarkable Gospel of Jesus Christ

10/17/04 Sunday Schultz God’s Grace Makes Faith Grow

10/10/04 Sunday Gartner Are You Rich Or Poor?

10/03/04 Sunday Schultz Understand The Difference Between Worthless and Priceless!

09/26/04 Sunday Gartner The True Education of Children

09/19/04 Sunday Gartner Carry The Cross Of Jesus

09/12/04 Sunday Schultz Jesus’ Forgiving Love Never Changes!

09/05/04 Sunday Gartner Proclaim God’s Glory Among The Nations

08/31/04 TSL Opening Service Schultz This will be the best school year yet!

08/29/04 Sunday Schultz The LORD Isn’t Kidding

08/08/04 Sunday Gartner Teach Us To Pray

08/01/04 Sunday Schultz Come, Lord Jesus, Be Our Guest

07/25/04 Sunday Gartner The Gospel Is Our Only Strength

07/18/04 Sunday Schultz Our Father Blesses His Faithful People

07/11/04 Sunday Gartner God Is Always In Control

07/04/04 Sunday Gartner What Kind of Disciples Does Jesus Expect?

06/27/04 Sunday Schultz Live In Peace

06/20/04 Sunday Schultz We Will Thank the LORD Forever!

06/13/04 Sunday Schultz Come To Your Father’s House

06/03/04 Sunday Schultz We Have Peace With God

05/30/04 Sunday Gartner Learn From An Abandoned Skyscraper

05/23/04 Sunday Schultz Come, Lord Jesus!

05/16/04 Sunday Gartner Do Not Be Afraid!

05/09/04 Mother's Day Schultz We Can Only Imagine The New Jerusalem

05/02/04 Sunday Gartner You Are Jesus’ Disciples

04/18/04 Sunday Schultz Rejoice in Easter Grace and Peace!

04/11/04 Easter Sunday Gartner Why Do You Look For the Living Among the Dead?

04/09/04 Good Friday Schultz The Seven Last Words of Jesus

04/04/04 Palm Sunday Schultz God’s Word Is All About Attitude!

03/28/04 Sunday Schultz Give Thanks!

03/17/04 Lent Schultz What Is Truth?

03/14/04 Sunday Gartner God Looks For Fruit

03/10/04 Lent Schultz Are You Betraying The Son of Man With A Kiss?

03/07/04 Sunday Gartner Our Citizenship Is In Heaven

02/29/04 Sunday Schultz The LORD Brought Us Out Of Eternal Slavery

02/22/04 Transfiguration Schultz Jesus Is Lord—We Are Servants

02/15/04 Sunday Schultz In Painful Circumstances We Are Happy!

02/08/04 Sunday Gartner The Lord Calls Us

02/01/04 Sunday Schultz Jesus’ Love Never Fails!

01/25/04 Sunday Gartner Today Is the Day!

01/11/04 Sunday Schultz Jesus’ Love Changes Everything!

01/04/04 Sunday Gartner A Christmas in Review

01/01/04 New Year's Day Schultz Our Times Are In God’s Hands...





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